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Atari Punk Console Version 1
by Christopher Hoang on Vimeo


This is an Atari Punk Console.

It's a synthesizer I've created for the Art 102XX final project.

My interest in creating a musical instrument started from a guest professor instructor, Marc Dusseiller, for my Digital Media Toolbox class at U.C.S.B. His very own synthesizer was like nothing I've ever seen before. (picture below)

It was a very own personalized instrument wholely created from imagination. This inspired me to learn about electronic synthesizers and music.

With no experience with audio technicality, I decided to start with the basics. I began researching for books at Davidson library on electronic music and instrumentation.

I discovered that electronic music is heavily interwoven with circuitry and schematic design. Learning musicality also meant I would have to understand the foundations of electronic engineering.

To start off my journey into this field, I followed the original design schematic called the "Stepped Tone Generator" published by Forrest Mims back in the 1980's Radio Shack booklet: "Engineer's Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications".

Althought the course I've taken taught us about working with Arduino and Microcontroller programming, I became to enamored the design of analog electronics. It touched a very nostalgic state of mind for simple and clean design, which did not need any specified programming to make work.