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Concept: So, what is a synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic instrument which can create all frequency ranges of common instruments and human audibly.

Instead of playing sounds acoustically, it sends out electronic signals directly to a mixer or recorder.

It creates sounds in such a way as to re-create them; frequency sweeps, repetitions, arpeggios.

This allows you to create an infinite amount of possibilities of sounds that can be created.

The idea of creating your very own personalized instrument with a unique sound appealed to me.

What initially sparked my interest in analog synthesizers was a book I found in the U.C.S.B. Davidson library named Homemade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking written by Nicolas Collins.

A free PDF version of the book can be found on his website. ( )

It's filled with amazing tricks, hacks, and basic electronics knowledge for the layman, like myself.

Professor Marc Dusseiller, nano-technologist bio-hacker extraordinaire, who was a guest instructor for my digital media toolbox course recommended me the book unknowingly that I was alreadying reading it.

He stated that after reading the book "was when his life starting to take a downturn."

After reading through the book, I understand what he meant. I'm now hooked on electronics, hacking, making, modifying, audio, and synthesizers.

Marc Dusseiller's associated websites ( ) ( )