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Atari Punk Console with Paddle Hack
by Christopher Hoang on Vimeo

Atari Punk Console v.2.0

Modified to my personal preference.

For this iteration of the APC, version 2.0, I wanted to modify the design to make it more original by changing the sound to my liking.

I also wanted people to interact with a piece of hardware and manipulate something in real time, in this case the sound of the Atari Punk Console.

I have added additional potentiometers out of modified Atari paddle controllers. Since the paddles are attached with such a long cable, this allows multiple people to control the sound of the oscillator at the same time.

By having the ability to manipulate the sound, hopefully, the person is able to adjust the potentiometers to achieve certain sound effects.

To achieve this, I searched on google the pin layout of the controller. The two paddles are connected to a single port and I noticed that the two potentiometers, 'PotX' and 'PotY' on pin 9 and pin 5 respectively, share the same power connection, '+5v' on pin 7. So you only need to connect 3 wires in total to controll both potentiometers.