!! Final Project !!

Ideas for Final Project.

What are your aesthetic goals for the project? What do you want to create?
I want to create a procedurally generated videogame from a song via mp3 or url link.

What are your technical goals for the project? What do you need to use or learn to accomplish your goals?
I'm still trying to translate processing to p5JS in my mind, but that will just come with practice.
My end goal is to translate one type of data to another, sound frequency to data used in a program(a game in this case). Then later I want to be able to understand how to translate sensors and I program an Arduino.
I still need to practice understanding and practicing with; j5 sound library, j5 game ai library, object collision, using arrays, and animation in p5.

Include a rough diagram/sketch of what you envision - either the front-end (how it will look) or the back-end (how it will work). This can be created digitally or hand-drawn and scanned/photographed.

Include at least 2 references for the project - these can be links or embedded media. What inspires you creatively and/or technically about these projects?
Osu! is a freeware rhythm game originally for Microsoft Windows. It is written in C# on the .NET Framework.